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Development Gateway: An IREX Venture's brings together DGers, experts, and friends of the organization for conversations about data and digital for development. Learn more about DG's work, our approach, and lessons learned.

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September 20, 2022 00:43:26
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Exploring Digital Transformation & Emerging Technology

We have come to the final episode of the current series, which focused on our new strategy. In this episode, Josh discussed digital transformation and emerging technologies with Annie Kilroy, Senior Associate, and Fernando Ferreyra, DG’s Director of Software Development. The conversation centered on sustainability and responsibility, what has changed in the technology landscape in the past decade, our approach to digital transformation, and how to continue prioritizing users. Related links from the conversation: DG's Aid Management Program Custom Landscape Assessment Methodology (CALM) A Deep Dive into 20 Years of Tech at DG Improving Land and Crop Use Data in Nigeria – The VIFAA Innovation Fund Best Practices in Developing Data Governance Frameworks Open Contracting Support & Training in Bandung, Indonesia Towards Full System Ownership: the Government of Ethiopia’s Journey to AMP Self-Reliance   Special thanks to Mark Hatcher for our theme music. You can find Mark on social media at @markdhatcher.  ...



August 30, 2022 00:32:39
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Digging Deeper in Agriculture

In this episode Josh talks to Charlene Migwe-Kagume about how we are approaching agriculture work in our new strategy. Agriculture is a space where DG has worked for a number of years, but how are we building on past experiences and our strengths to take this work forward? Josh and Charlene discuss digging deeper in agriculture and how innovation plays a role.   Programs Discussed Visualizing Insights on Fertilizer for African Agriculture (VIFAA) Visualizing Information on Seeds Using Technology in Africa (TASAI-VISTA) Cashew-IN Platform Highlighting our Partners International Fertilizer Development Center Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture The African Seed Access Index Special thanks to Mark Hatcher for our theme music. You can find Mark on social media at @markdhatcher.  ...



August 23, 2022 00:37:35
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Geography: Growing & Deepening DG’s Regional Footprint

In this episode, we explore how DG is prioritizing our geographical focus in the coming years. Conversations with Vanessa Baudin Sanchez, Carmen Cañas, and Charlene Migwe-Kagume highlighted the opportunities and challenges of expanding our portfolio in Central America and deepening our work and partnerships in West, East, and Southern Africa.   Jump to the Conversation Expanding to Central America – 7:14 Deepening work in East and Southern Africa – 13:20 Building onto DG's Work in West & Francophone Africa – 21:36   Digging Deeper The team mentioned a number of DG programs and processes during this conversation, you can learn more through the links below: DG's Custom Assessment Landscaping Methodology The Aid Management Program (AMP) Des Chiffres et Des Jeunes (DCDJ) Open contracting and procurement DG's learning culture Our agile approach   Special thanks to Mark Hatcher for our theme music. You can find Mark on social media at @markdhatcher.  ...



August 16, 2022 01:11:09
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Expanding into Education, Media/Disinformation & Youth

In Episode 2 of Data…for What?!, Josh Powell met with experts from DG and IREX to discuss DG’s expansion into the education, media and disinformation, and youth sectors. The conversations explore the most pressing challenges and greatest opportunities for data and technology to positively impact these sectors and discuss how these trends are likely to play out in the years ahead. Based on these trends, the experts explain the unique fit for DG’s skills and specific opportunities for collaboration that align with the vision of DG’s partnership with IREX, which has a long and successful history working in each sector.  Jump Directly to the Conversations:3:26 – Educationwith DG’s Aminata Camara Badji, who is the Senegal-based Regional Program Lead in West Africa and IREX’s Becky Ward, who is a UK-based Senior Technical Advisor for education in Africa, Europe/Eurasia, Middle East, and North Africa.26:57 – Media/Disinformationwith DG’s Annie Kilroy, who is a Senior Associate based in Washington, DC and IREX’s Tetiana Karas, a Senior Program Manager based in Kyiv, Ukraine.  50:13 – YouthWith DG’s Principal Consultant and West Africa Regional Manager, Vanessa Baudin Sanchez, who is based in Dakar, Senegal and Nina Oduro, who was IREX’s Senior Advisor for Youth and Leadership.  Special thanks to Mark Hatcher for our theme music. You can find Mark on social media at @markdhatcher. ...



August 08, 2022 00:45:38
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Introducing: DG's New Strategic Plan and Data... for What?!

In July, Development Gateway (DG) launched our new Strategic Plan for Fiscal Year 2023 to 2025. This plan builds on twenty-two years of project implementation experience and policy engagement around the globe. To help contextualize the new Strategic Plan, we are launching a podcast series called Data… for What?! This series we talk to DGers throughout the organization - as well as collaborators within our strategic partner, IREX - about how and why we prioritized the various elements of the new strategy. In this episode we talk to Kristin Lord, President and CEO of IREX about how our partnership fits into the Strategic Plan; and to Aleks Dardeli, Executive Vice President of IREX and Chair of DG’s Board of Directors, about the process of putting the Plan together at this opportune, yet precarious, global moment.   Special thanks to Mark Hatcher for our theme music. You can find Mark on social media at @markdhatcher.  ...